Homeward Bound

2005-08-05 4:33 p.m.
It's been settled.

Since I got back, I've been scrambling to get the extra couple hundred together to make rent since my roommate's short this month - 100% short. Actually, not much of a scramble, but rather a drunken effort, which, as a functional drunk, may be a lot more than the layman would expect.

The lack of rent isn't realy a big issue for me. I mean it's a pain for the moment, but overall it was expected and I don't really care. It's not like my roommate hasn't been looking for a job - as he has... more vigorously than I'd thought.

Since I've gone, most of the people I know have started families, my family is growing closer and further apart in different ways and my immediate family seems to have reignited their ambitions a bit.

I'm missing out on all this, and while my personal growth elsewhere has been phenominal, it seems I need to strengthen my roots. I don't know if i'd go back to Chicago permenently. I'm not even sure permenence is necessarily in the cards for me any time soon. But I do know that's where I need to be for the moment.

So I had the conversation with G and he was all for it. And it's settled. We're shooting for October 1st. I have to talk to my landlord about breaking the lease as well as sit with my clients and set up our meeting schedules once I'm gone. But once that's set, I'm homeward bound.

We agreed to take Route 66 back home, I began researching apartments and whatnot. I've told a few cose friends in the past weeks that this was on my mind... as soon as I find out the details, the rest of the world shall know, henceforth, it shall be on.

And I'm really fucking happy about it.